Photo source & all rights : National Geographic UK




Wandering through the artfully romantic streets of Florence in the summer of 2017, we were struck with the idea of affordable luxury. From Milan to Rome, from kids to the elderly, the Italians helped us realize something - the most common goal, the ultimate objective of fashion. It is to 'look good', while expressing an individual's style. The word Bellavio (pronounced like one of our favorite dream destinations - Bellagio of Las Vegas) embodies this concept of 'looking good'.

On 3rd of July 2019, Bellavio was launched with a vision to challenge the meaning of luxury. Extremely high prices and ornament-level meticulous craftsmanship may provide an element of exclusivity to the handbag owner, but it forces you to take care of the bag for years as if it were a precious investment like gold. But that's not what the Gods of fashion ever wanted for us.

 Fashion is a flow, it never stays

 Fashion demands that you flaunt what goes with the look and focus on the designs in vogue today.


"The moment a handbag catches her eye, she feels a connection to it".

We dream of a world where a lady buys separate handbag to go with every dress! She may bring home a new bag every few weeks, rather than wait for an occasion (or a man to gift her). A world where she won't be forced to carry the same high-label bag to multiple events, just because she's invested in it.

A world where a woman is free to do, whatever she wants 


So browse through our curation of the most trendy designs, as of today. Bellavio handbags are free from leather or any kind of animal cruelty, making your entire shopping experience truly guilt-free.